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Well, I have just the right thing to help you get to your goals. Hi, my name is Andrew Lau and I’m the author of The Modern Man Physique.

Most of my clients have the same problem as you do. They cannot find the time for workout because they are too busy. And they always fallback to their same old shape as they cannot find the motivation to push themselves.

Unlike others, my job is to provide you with my proprietary 3 Step Fitness System that will help you get to the shape you've always wanted.

3 Step Fitness System

1. Assessing your body type and how to get the best shape for your body.

2. The action-proof way to diet without starving yourself. (It's so simple that anyone can do it)

3. How to achieve your dream body by working out less than few hours a week. (Each session is less than 1 hour)

Our Services

Save your time from researching on fitness. Let our sports science knowledge and experience help you gain a lifetime knowledge on fitness and the ability to train independently.

Habits and Mindset

A healthy mind gives a healthy body. We will take down your bad habits, replace them with healthy ones, and work with you until they stick.

Workout and Stretch

Proper exercise form will build a strong foundation. We will guide you through the correct techniques and help you stretch to minimise injuries.

Nutrition and Diet

Nutrition to match your body's needs. We are not giving you a quick fix. We will design a sustainable diet that you will enjoy for the long run.

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