Dragana Saliva

Dragana Saliva

Dragana's expertise expands further as a certified sports nutritionist with over six years of experience. Her proficiency extends to aiding individuals in weight management, fat loss, and overall body transformation. Specializing in prenatal care, strength conditioning, sport performance, and TRX training, her repertoire reflects a comprehensive understanding of fitness dynamics.

Additionally, an intriguing facet of Dragana's background emerges: her previous career as a professional dancer. This background endows her with a wealth of experience in enhancing core strength and flexibility, adding a unique dimension to her approach.

Together, these elements contribute to Dragana's holistic approach to fitness, reinforcing her dedication to guiding individuals towards their wellness goals with tailored plans and unwavering support.


• Personal Trainer - NCSF Certified
• Sport Nutrition Specialist - NCSF Certified
• Strength coach - NCSF Certified
• Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness Specialist - Moms into fitness
• TRX qualified
• CPR, AED & First Aid certified
• National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF) - Master Trainer


• Resistance training
• Weight management
• Fat loss
• Prenatal and postnatal
• Core strength